I’m Christine Hobbs—a graphic designer, pattern designer, quilter, digital fabric designer, longarmer, you get the drift—from Story City, Iowa. This site is where my husband and I share our creative work.

Growing up my favorite book was Childcraft Volume 9—Make and Do, so it should come as no surprise that my adult life is filled with making things. Throw in the fact that I literally grew up in a fabric store (it was the upper level of our house) and it’s even less of a surprise that many of the things I make revolve around fabric.

My quilting skills are self taught; however, everything I know about sewing can be credited to my mother who had the patience of a saint. My early sewing efforts quickly morphed into designing clothes for my dolls (some of which I admit were pretty hideous) and then progressed to 4-H garment projects.  It was after college when I discovered my love for quilts.

I’ve bopped around quilting techniques and have found a new love in foundation paper piecing.  It makes my heart sing with the accuracy and complexity you can achieve with the technique.  It doesn’t hurt that the templates are like puzzle pieces because who doesn’t love a puzzle or brain teaser? Am I right?!

It brings a smile to my face to see the treasures that everyone creates with my designs, so be certain to send me photos of your projects.

Time for both of us to go get busy. Happy quilting!