Bonus: T-Rex Roar Modified Eye Template

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T-Rex Roar Modified Eye Detail by Jennifer Martin

The creative process is a journey and fortunately my path crossed with Jennifer Martin not long ago. When she shared her amazing T-Rex Roar quilt with me I wished I had thought to add this fabulous detail to the original pattern. With her permission, I've created a T-Rex Roar Modified Eye Template (template 138), so you can also up your game on this behemoth! Simply download the PDF link above for your copy.

 T-Rex Roar Modified Eye Template 138

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Bonus: T-Rex Roar Ground Checklist

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T-Rex Roar Ground Examples

I recently had someone reach out to see if I had a list of which pieces needed to be switched out to make a ground line similar to my testers' quilts shown above (from left to right: Terry Rowland, Barbara Gifford, and Mary Fredrichs).

At the time, I didn't, but if you've hung around here at all, you know I like lists—especially checklists!

So, to make your life easier, there's now a T-Rex Roar Ground Checklist to aid in determining which template pieces you'll need to switch out to your ground fabric.

This may go without saying, but before starting I’d take the time to mark all of the noted pieces with a very distinctive color (such as red) so I didn’t overlook any while sewing.  But that’s because I hate picking out stitches!

Happy quilting!

T-Rex Roar Ground Checklist

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Trophy Buck Quilt Along—Week 11

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Trophy Buck Full Assembly

Three Seams!

(Well, three seams and pulling the papers, but you're soooo close!)

We're at the Final Assembly

You'll want to join the panels using the Full Quilt Assembly diagram in the pattern. Just make certain to match all of the critical seam alignments (the same way you matched when joining templates) and you should be good to go!

Week 11 Pin Panels for Assembly

Fair's ideal to leave your paper pieces in place for the full assembly. In addition to giving you a 1/4" seam allowance, they help stabilize the panels so they don't stretch.

Just note, it's not unusual for some of the paper templates to fall out. If they do, be overly careful to not stretch the fabric as you pin and sew.

Week 11 Missing Paper Piece

The Final Step

I've heard some people grumble about the process of pulling papers. Admittedly it makes a mess, but I find great satisfaction with this step because it means I'm super close to being done!

I also pull my basting stitches as I pull papers, so I don't have to go back over the quilt. If you opted for another technique to hold the large single pieces in place, you shouldn't have to worry about this step.

Week 11 Pile of Pulled Papers

A Last Piece of Advice

One of our guest longarmers mentioned this the other day, but I think it needs reiterated. You'll want to go over your finished back one last time to look for pesky little pieces of paper that hide in the seams. This one is on the large side so it wasn't easily overlooked, but I definitely recommend lifting all of your seams for one last spot check. Those little pieces can be sneaky and cause concerns when you're quilting!

Week 11 Pulling Paper Tiny Pieces

And, Done!

That's it!

Thanks for your commitment to the Trophy Buck Quilt Along. You should be able to release your quilt out into the wild soon—or at least send it to your longarmer if you don’t plan to quilt it on your domestic. Hope you’ve had fun along the way and enjoyed our time together.

Also, don't forget to celebrate this huge finish by treating yourself to a piece of chocolate (or another indulgence) and do a happy dance!

Special Thanks

I'd like to give one last shout out to the Quilting Connection, It's Sew Tempting, and Mad About Patchwork for curating some wonderful kits for the quilt along.

The Longarm League has also provided some enriching support to the quilt along with guest blogs. And, don't forget their 20% off offer of edge-to-edge quilting your treasure! The Longarm League Trophy Buck information page includes the participating longarmers, a map so you can see who is near you ,and a bit about each of the quilters (Nicholas, Danelle, Teara, Debbie S. and Debbie T.).

Final Giveaway

Be certain to check out last week's post which included the details for entering to win this amazing collection of paper piecing goodies and a $25 gift card to It's Sew Tempting. Drawing to be held on November 23 at 5 p.m. Central.

 It's Sew Tempting Giveaway Reminder

Weekly Challenge

Share your finished top using the hashtag #trophybuckquiltalong.

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Trophy Buck Quilt Along—Week 10

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Almost done!

With one last push, we're working on the Panel 4 templates 104 through 112. Once done with those, you'll have all of the templates you need to assemble Panel 4 and be ready for joining the four panels next week. Woot woot!

Life is a Puzzle

It wasn't until I was arranging these pieces on my design wall for my first stop motion video (more on that below!) that I realized just how much foundation paper piecing is like a puzzle. I mean, I knew it was, but moving them around so they fit so precisely was when it finally hit home for me. And, I gotta say, I've always loved puzzles!

Apparently, doing puzzles builds connections between brain cells, improves your mental speed, and enhances your short-term memory. It also sounds like they're a great meditation tool and stress reliever. Something we all probably need to finish out this year.

I don't know about you, but some days I feel like 2020 has short circuited my brain. It’s no wonder then that I’m drawn to puzzles and foundation paper piecing. Simply throw in a sewing machine and I'm in a place of zen.

Proud Moment

I can attest that there's little more gratifying than sewing on the last piece of a large project like this. So I had to celebrate with a photo! It seems like months ago that we started (and it was!), but the finish line is well within reach.

Trophy Buck sewing the last piece

One last press and I'm ready for next week!

Trophy Buck pressing panel 4

Trying Something New

I've always encouraged my boys to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. I can honestly say that they didn't always heed my advice, but I'm at least trying to practice what I preach. Although I know my way around page layout and photo editing, I've been hesitant to try video production. Well, no more—I finally took the plunge.

There are definitely things I'd change (but that's the case with most any project I create), but I'm so excited for having tried it.

Check out my first attempt at a stop-motion video of my Panel 4 assembly. I love to see the puzzle pieces falling into place!

 Trophy Buck Play Video

Win this Bundle of Quilting Goodies

Whether you're a life-long foundation paper piecer or you have recently been bitten by the paper-piecing bug, be certain to enter the final giveaway from It's Sew Tempting in Story City, Iowa.

It's Sew Tempting Giveaway

    One lucky winner will receive the following:
    • A $25 gift certificate to It’s Sew Tempting where you can find all kinds of fantastic fabrics, notions, patterns, and yarn!
    • A Paper Piecing Handy Pocket Guide by Tacha Bruecher that gives you all the basics and beyond on paper piecing, including ten very cute block patterns to try.
    • A Super Cute Paper Piecing book by Charise Randell. This book contains tools and techniques for paper piecing along with ten paper piecing projects for every day use. This book is perfect for quick little giftable ideas!
    • Your very own “Holy Scrap” coozie! Take this cute coozie along with you to BBQ’s, tailgate parties, and all other functions that require a coozie to let your friends and family know that your super power is quilting!

    The Giveaway Rules

    • This giveaway is limited to United States residents.
    • You must follow @hobbsdesigns and @its_sew_tempting on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments. Each friend tagged equals one additional entry for the prize.
    • This prize will be awarded randomly, but we will check to see if you are following the sponsors before announcing a winner.
    • The winner will be announced on November 23, 2020 at 5pm Central.
    • Prize will be mailed around December 1.
    • This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram

    Weekly Challenge

    Try something new this week. And, don't forget to keep sewing!

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    Trophy Buck Quilt Along—Week 9

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    Trophy Buck Panel 4 Part 1

    We're sooooo close!

    So glad you came back—especially if you're refreshed and ready to tackle the remaining pieces of our Trophy Buck. If you're needing to get focused again, be certain to read the entire post this week. There's some motivation at the end to keep you moving toward the big finish!

    I'm assuming you're ready to buckle down again, so we're going to be working on Panel 4 templates 84 through 103 this week. By now, you're probably able to paper piece in your sleep. And, if you've worked late into the night to stay on track, maybe some of you have even done that!

    When you need to take a breath from all of this piecing, check out Debbie's guest post below.


    Longarm League Guest Post

    by Debbie Sackuvich, Pink Dot Black

    Hi, I’m Debbie—also known as Pink Dot Black! I’m a lifelong sewist, having picked up the sewing addiction from my grandma. I used to make all of my clothes before kids, then for some reason time was an issue. I raised three boys and I rediscovered my love for sewing about six years ago and decided my passion was quilting when I wanted to make something special for my future grandbabies.

    Debbie Sackuvich

    I now have two absolutely adorable one-year-old granddaughters—who have just a few quilts now (Note! Not twins, two of my sons have daughters. 😊) My first quilt, however, was one I gifted to my parents. It took me a while as I free-motion quilted it on my 20+ year old domestic machine. I have added a few machines to my collection, including my beloved Singer Featherweight. I made the leap to add my long arm—a HandiQuilter Avante—to my studio earlier this year, complete with Pro-Stitcher.

    Taking the Plunge

    I first discovered Trophy Buck and foundation paper piecing February 28 when I was selected to be a pattern tester! I had never paper pieced anything, but I was taking a class at a retreat before I would start the pattern, so I’d be fine I told myself!

    Oh wait! Everything is going into shutdown and there won’t be a retreat or a class?!?

    I’d made a commitment to test this pattern, so I was going to really give a true test! I was so pleasantly surprised on that first section when my sections lined up, and I kept sending pictures of my progress! I’ll admit at first it may be intimidating to do a large project with a new technique like foundation paper piecing, but this was such a fantastic pattern and I do love my Trophy Buck!

    I am so proud of my accomplishment. I love seeing this quilt done up in different fabrics! I can’t say I will only make one!

    Pink Dot Black Trophy Buck

    Foundation Paper Piecing Tip

    My FPP tip is to not scrimp on cutting your fabric pieces. Give yourself plenty of fabric to work with!

    Longarm Tips

    Talk to your longarmer to let them know exactly what you would like to highlight and if there is something you would rather not highlight.  Allow backing to be 8” wider and longer than your top.

    I joined Longarm League this year to go from hobby to quilting dreams! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @Pinkdotblack. I’d love to see your Trophy Buck QAL!

    Upcoming Giveaway

    It's Sew Tempting, from Story City, Iowa, has gathered some goodies to keep you motivated to the end.  Stay tuned next week for the details on how to enter the giveaway.

    It's Sew Tempting Prize  

    It's Sew Tempting logo and social tags

    Weekly Challenge

    Share a photo of your first quilt (or at least the first one you remembered to take a photo of) using the hashtag #trophybuckquiltalong.

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