Trophy Buck Quilt Along—Week 6

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If you’re caught up to this point, you are nearly halfway done!

It's probably not a surprise, but we're going to be working on Panel 3 templates 55 through 74 this week. Hopefully seeing your buck come to life before your eyes will give you enough motivation to keep at it!

But if not, Nicholas of Mystery Stitch Designs (one of our Longarm League supporters) shares some tips below that he uses to speed up foundation paper piecing.


Longarm League Guest Post

by Nicholas Turcan, Mystery Stitch Designs

Foundation Paper Piecing Tips

When I started my Trophy Buck—seeing that both sides were a mirror image—I decided to do both the left and right sides simultaneously. It is the same amount of stitching but it lessens the amount of scrambling to find the correct fabrics to use. To do this, after I have cut and pre-folded the templates, I match them up with their mirror image partner.

Then, I like to sort the templates by their starting fabric. Once I have several different stacks of templates (each with the same starting fabric), I cut the first piece of fabric and glue baste it in place. Next, I start new piles where all of the second fabric colours are all the same. By doing it this way, I am able to chain piece several units onto each fabric and spend less time going back and forth to the iron and cutting station!


I HATE PINNING! There, I said it!

When I am quilting, I have found several different methods to eliminate pins. For instance, when assembling FPP units together, if you imagine (or pencil in as shown in the photo) an extension of the 1/4” seam allowance to the edge of the paper, that is exactly the point where the second fabric should cross under.

Mystery Stitch mark seam tip

Mystery Stitch align seam allowances

This is the same method I use when assembling diamonds but it actually works with any angle. Being able to line up my pieces this way—without having to stop for pins—really speeds up the assembly process!

Mystery Stitch sewing 1/4 inch seam allowance


I know some people like to finger press or use a roller to press units open at the machine, but I prefer to take my units to the iron and press my seams open. I find that this makes a much flatter quilt top which, in turn, makes a much nicer finished product.

Mystery Stitch press seams open

Mystery Stitch press seam allowance open overview

Quilt Along Support

As a member of the Longarm League, I will be offering a 20% discount off edge-to-edge quilting to those participating in the Trophy Buck QAL if your top is received by February 28, 2021. If you have never sent a quilt out to a longarmer, you can go to and read the quilting page for more information on how to prepare your quilt!


Weekly Challenge

Mystery Stitch halfway done

As you can see in the photo above, Nicholas has pushed the boundaries on the color palette. You can also see a sneak peak of how he is gradating the sky using different shades of blue. 

Even if you're not caught up, this week share a progress shot using the hashtag #trophybuckquiltalong. You never know, your progress may spark the quilting bug in someone else!

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